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    Everything but the girl

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    Share: “Everything but the girl” is the exclusive photography service for female portfolios, under my label Amrit Ammu Photography. ‘Sukhleen’ was announced to be the winner of our first give-away and in this blogpost, you can see her smiling all the way to that fun photo-session that we had in my studio. So here she is ! Starring : Sukhleen Babbar. I chose to provide her with a studio photo-shoot because one, that she came over to my home-office around noon and I really wanted to avoid harsh light portraits and two, that I am trying to be better and more better in studio lighting, so practice bell was ringing in my head 😉 As for the picture, I really loved this tangy orange top of hers which stood out really well in the black background and plus it really looked beautiful on her skin tone. We kept her makeup and look …

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    It’s Daughter’s Day…

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    Share: Being a daughter makes me feel so elated ! From being a little girl to when I will get granny old… Well, I will still be a daughter’ known for spreading happiness and joy all around my home 🙂 This day which is specifically celebrated for daughters, is such a beautiful occasion to embrace the gift of the universe. Happy Daughter’s day everyone !! To celebrate the occasion happy, I made sweet flour halwa with almonds and raisins. My mumma surprised me with wishes, kindness and love while I heard her reminding my father of same. And to that, My daddy strongest replied, “Oh, but for me, everyday is Daughter’s Day” 😀 I am feeling a little nostalgic of my childhood days, so sharing a few “little me” pics right below. These were clicked back then in the 90’s by my so talented papa ! Yeah I am a …

  • Frame me colorful

    Frame me colorful

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    Share: Frame me colorful, he said.. For the colors are the source to happiness, which delve us out from the world of grey.. …And just right there I said.. Why not frame it fine, with a crease of smile to see your world ignite 🙂 This colorful picture speaks for itself and I am so loving its liveliness. The model in this picture being my brother, I had all the liberty to experiment with the picture right the way I wanted and imagined it to be. (Big hug to him for the patience and the right amount of enthusiasm he kept alive throughout the session 🙂 This picture was shot one sunday morning, when in a playful mood, I decided to experiment something bright and funny on Harnoor. It might have taken us an hour or so but the results were so vibrant to keep us fully charged during this whole …

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    Remember, to remember..

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    Share: “15 commandments for photographers” – This should have been the headline for this post though 😉 but I believe, remembering is playing a more important factor. So the headline Remember, to remember seemed perfect to me here. And of course, the credits for this post goes to Better Photography. Hey Better Photography magazine.. Thankyou for being so so awesome. Thumbs up ! Okay, so are you a photographer or inspiring to be one ?.. Then these are some must-do rules or commandments that you gotta follow along your journey, on which I am your buddy passenger too 🙂  So here we go …… Tantaanaaaa… 1. You shall familiarise yourself with your gear 2. You shall not shoot in auto 3. You shall not covet your neighbour’s equipment 4. You shall not leave home without your camera 5. You shall shoot everyday 6. You shall not steal ideas 7. You shall …

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    Photography Contests, July-August

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    Share: A few photography competitions are in pipeline, just thought of sharing the info with all of you 🙂 These insights are from a collection of various magazines like IIPC, View Finder, Better Photography, etc that I was scrolling through the past month. Happy Clickinggg everyone !! For the month of July: 1. ECPA International Salon Digital Categories : (Monochrome, Colour Print , Photo Travel, Nature) Last Date for submission: 15/7/2013 2. South Devon Salon. Categories:   (Open nature Online) Last Date for submission 21/7/2013 – Email : naphotoclub@gmail.com 3. South Devon Salon Categories: Digital Open Last Date for submission 20/7/2013 4. Landscape photography contest Last Date for submission 31/7/2013 For the month of August:  1. Northwest Salon Categories : Monochrome Prints, Color Prints Last Date for submission 6/8/2013 Email : Complexhibi@thefair.com 2. CPA Hongkong Salon Categories : Color Print Last Date for submission 16/8/2013 Email :  cpasalon@gmail.com 3. Cyprus Salon Categories : Digital Open Last Date for submission : 17/8/2013 Email : info@cps-iodpe.com.cy …

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    New projects & a Give away !

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    Share: With the sunny side up, I would like to thank all the dear ones who blessed me to keep going ahead. I am lucky enough to seek all your blessings on the way 🙂 Thank you everybody… I have no words to describe how much your wishes mean to me. It was a day to remember and after a very long time, I could actually see myself sitting relaxed, smiling and embracing the moment .. just all of it as much as I could. Okay, actually there are some news that I want to be sharing with you all, through this post.. Last week I did two coffee-table books for my respective clients and though I shall take a separate post to share those images across, but the good news is this that I have now successfully tied up with the best digital print-service company of India for coffee-table-books and more. …

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    The overjoyed me..

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    Share: Last week my inbox made me jump in joy and bought that rare over-sized smile, right across my face ! 😀 *Winks* I hope it’s not sounding exaggerated but that’s how I actually felt when I read a mail from the ‘Daily Post’ newspaper. After a few conversations with their representative, all I knew was this, that I was going to be interviewed the next day for being one of the few woman photographers of the city Ludhiana- My hometown. Okayyyyyyy…I thought.. ohhhhh kayyyyyyy ! Okkkkkkkkay (Sorry for those sound effects, but that’s almost how I was reacting sitting in my room and trying to sink in that feeling, while trying to gather myself up normal before I could go and tell this news to my parents without yelling out much in over joyousness). I had a clue that my mom and dad will react only as required on hearing …

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    Made of money, weak in taste – About a life long lesson.

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    Share: [powr-hit-counter id=cd490d7d_1465107558934] Yesterday was one of those days which normally don’t come up my way. But having shown me the way to live the day, as worse as yesterday…I thank you God. I am glad I got to learn an awesome lesson which is much worthy and is beyond the disappointment I had to come across. Here I go with yesterday’s roller coaster… I was super excited to deliver a project for a client because this was a project that I had worked for days at stretch, day in and day out with all my heart plus some additional time had also gone into planning out the images well in advance so as to get the folio right, in an exact way as I had imagined. Having said that I respect the amount of time I spend on each of my deliverables. I make sure I reproduce the best …

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    The First Ever Photographs

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    Share: Here we go with yet another interesting photography assignment.  🙂 “Before you create, you must appreciate” I was a little flown away on reading the above quote and am really touched by the  authenticity behind it. This quote seems beyond words and beyond time. And this quote in a way, is the soul inspiration behind the assignment that I thought to be worth sharing up here. It lead me to dive a long way back in the past, to find out how photography has evolved over years. How did the first photograph ever look like? And how much difference there exists, if we compare the world’s first photograph with the one that we click today ! Miracles surround this amazing world of photography that today we all are fascinated with, in some way or the other. (Find the web-links for same at the bottom of this post)  I spent a …

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    How to design a Photobook for your own label.

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    Share: Photobooks are in trend..  Taaadaaa ! And that’s what actually buzzed me to design one under my own label. This blogpost talks about the making of a photobook in my own experience 🙂 Hope it will help you too, if you are willing to create one for yourself. These days many websites such as zoomin.com, printbindaas.com, etc also offer ready to make photobook templates. And we also have the software ‘Lightroom 4’ which has an enabled option for making a photobook. However I had a bit different concept in mind which drove me on fire to create one afresh, for my clients. Assuming that you are comfortable working on the designing softwares, following are the things that you would need, to make your own photobook : 1. Photoshop / any other designing software installed in your laptop. 2.  Some basic idea of how you want your book to look like. 3. …