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    Remember, to remember..

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    Share: “15 commandments for photographers” – This should have been the headline for this post though 😉 but I believe, remembering is playing a more important factor. So the headline Remember, to remember seemed perfect to me here. And of course, the credits for this post goes to Better Photography. Hey Better Photography magazine.. Thankyou for being so so awesome. Thumbs up ! Okay, so are you a photographer or inspiring to be one ?.. Then these are some must-do rules or commandments that you gotta follow along your journey, on which I am your buddy passenger too 🙂  So here we go …… Tantaanaaaa… 1. You shall familiarise yourself with your gear 2. You shall not shoot in auto 3. You shall not covet your neighbour’s equipment 4. You shall not leave home without your camera 5. You shall shoot everyday 6. You shall not steal ideas 7. You shall …