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    Why We Love First Birthday (And You Should, Too!)

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    Share: The very first time I received a call from Bhaavinii for her son, DHANISH’s photoshoot, I understood that it was a big day for her and her family as Dhansih was turning ONE. She was happy, excited and the love for preserving Dhanish’s First Birthday moments was firm in her voice. Personally, at Amrit Ammu Photography, we love to capture special moments revolving around “First Birthdays” and I am sure just like us, you will love them too, as it is about those precious moments of your birthday baby which will be preserved forever in a timeless expression of love and care. 🙂 During my first meeting with Bhaavinii and Karteek, I could gather abundant amount of love they had for their son, “Dhanish”. They welcomed me at their place with smiles and introduced me to the place where Dhanish plays, they shared about the plans they had for …

  • Reasons to have professional photographs taken

    Reasons to have professional photographs taken

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    Share: Don’t you just love those old photographs of your parents and relatives? You remark how happy they look in the studio, in the outdoors, you gaze on their style of dressing and the makeup applied, you imagine their lives back then – before you. And how about the photographs from when you were a little toddler, crawling all over the place! Everybody likes to look at old photographs from time to time. It transports us to a time that we have only heard of from family members, or vaguely remember or read about. You will notice that family photo portraits and photographers were mostly taken by professionals in the field. It is no wonder that even after long spells of time, these photos have retained their smashing quality. The texture is amazing and the photos are worth saving, if taken by a professional photographer. Do you need more reasons …

  • Professional Photographers

    Professional Photographers in Mumbai

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    Share: These days it seems as if everyone with a DSLR camera can take a photograph and pop it on to Facebook. What follows is a procession of family and friends complimenting that person’s photographs, and suddenly they are a photographer. Why would you then pay a professional photographer to take portrait photos of yourself rather than rely on your friend and their camera? After all, their photographs looked great on their Facebook profile. There are many reasons why a Professional Photographers in Mumbai is a better option. When you commission a professional photographer, you are not just paying for the final product, the photographs. You are paying for their time – and not just the time they spend with you on the day, but the time they have invested in themselves to get to the level that they are. You are paying for their training, their equipment, their know-how, …

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    Kids & Family Photography | Photo Stories

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    Share: Hey everyone! Welcome to the happy space of Amrit Ammu Photography 🙂 As you know we are exclusively into Kids & Family Photography, we ensure that we execute all our photoshoots with the best in quality portraits and creative yet modern photography concepts. To keep up with the trend, recently on my checklist was to update the website space and redesign it with as much love I could ponder upon my dream label – Amrit Ammu Photography