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    Ludhiana to Bangalore via Chandigarh

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    Share: Life is not how we imagine it to be, most of the times… Isn’t it? Well, this time on-board, it spelled its magic onto me. The black roaring smoke of events… expected, unexpected and full of shock, sudden and surprise. I thought of the blog-post in March to be ecstatic, full of fun and frolic, entertainment and joy and not forgetting about the series of pictures I thought I’d be sharing to kick-start my travel-posts too. But then, Life moves on and yeah, it doesn’t always functions how we imagine it to be. This time, I am blogging from inside of the ‘Rajdhani Express’ train that is scheduled to reach Bangalore early next morning. Did I mention? Bangalore it is… My new home away from sweet home in Ludhiana. This journey, odd 3000Kms long, made its mark on February 4th 2014 and would be taking a halt tomorrow after …

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    Sleepy September ?

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    Share: I would be acting bias if I mention September to be sleepy and lazy, no matter how much I want to label it so 😛  I wish September could talk and I would wow ask it … ‘Hey September… Can I call you sleepy ?’ Phewww… Coming out of my wonderland, I hereby confess of my semi-hibernation mode that I went into out of nowhere and kept digging in there then, in my cozy cocoon so comfortable. Here is a big Hello hug to all of you and I hope you all are doing awesome as always ! This morning began interesting and wow I happened to so easily break away that cozy cocoon which I kept juggling in for so long while finding the way out to escape 😉 I kept waiting in order to find ‘that’ apt time to write a blog. And well this morning, the …

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    Beginning : Behind the Scenes

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    Share: Welcome to this space of my thoughts, my canvas.. I had been in the City of Nawabs, Hyderabad, for 2 years.. and the whole idea of my blogging and photography journey started taking shape while I was pursuing my MBA at IBS Hyderabad. These two years helped me to learn, grow and share my creativity to an extent that I have now developed a confidence to take it to another level. I am on my way to live my dream and for that, I feel there has been a lot of connect between Hyderabad, completion of my masters degree and the beginning of my new journey altogether. Since I have marked a launch to my Blog, I wanted to start  it with a post that would have a mix of all these elements intact. So I have chosen my first blog-post to be on Ugadi and I will be posting …