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    “Go for whatever makes you happy” …

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    Share: It was an epic day for me… as I like to recall April 5th 2013. My two years of hard work was going to be rewarded this day and I was really happy. The day began with my mom’s blessings and her words which assured me of the feeling that my parents were also present with me at my D-day – The Convocation 🙂 During the first half of the day, I also had a placement process scheduled. There were four other classmates, who were also shortlisted for the same. All of us were supposed to travel to the office of the company in the Hyderabad city which is at a distance of around 30 kms from the campus. That day, I was more inclined towards attending my convocation ceremony rather than going to the city for an interview and travelling 60 kms for that. The whole idea was shutting me down. I had a …

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    Colourful visit to Shilparamam II

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    Share: (The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography) I have shared my learning from this visit in terms of photography, at the end of this post. Have a look and let me know about your suggestion too ! I was talking about the photographs of beads, pottery and women accessories in the last post, which I am sharing up here. Just like before, these photos also depict a bright color splash on different mediums altogether. Taking up the beads section first, here we go for a vibrant ride below.. 🙂 This is how beautiful the loose beads looked, spread across on a large table. They were used to make customized bracelets or key-ring or neck piece or whatever-you-may-want out of them This is the thread with which the beads were stringed together in the form, the customer would prefer 🙂 Customization on the roll ! Above, you can see …

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    A colourful visit to Shilparamam

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    Share: (The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography) This post is a follow up sequence of  the blog  “On the occasion of Ugadi” On this festive day, our college mess was also decorated with flowers and Rangoli and there was a joyous atmosphere around. To be a part of the celebrations at Shilparamam, I was travelling in bus with my friend and on the way, while travelling , I saw so many ladies and young girls dressed up in new clothes and warm smiles. Many of them also adorned Gajra on their hair. The whole city was in a festive mood. On reaching Shilparamam, I just went wow over and over again ! I must say, I was witnessing this kind of creativity after a very long time. And on seeing the whole of it and capturing it’s beauty in my camera, I was really overjoyed. Here are some pictures that …

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    On the occasion of Ugadi

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    Share: (The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography)  This post is dated April 10th, 2013. Last evening in the city of Nawabs, Hyderabad, when I was travelling from Banjara Hills to Mehdipatnam, I noticed a lot of shops being beautifully decorated with flowers, lights and colors. The huge posters outside these shops were also speaking of some special discounts for their customers. I was trying to recollect if some occasion was around.. And soon I saw some boards that answered my thoughts.. It was Ugadi the day after ! On reaching my college hostel, I started searching about the festival and came to know that Ugadi which means “The beginning of a new age” marks the New Year’s Day for the people of the Deccan region of India, according to the Indian Calendar. Basically the New Year’s Day is celebrated throughout India, However it is named differently in different states. This festival …

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    Beginning : Behind the Scenes

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    Share: Welcome to this space of my thoughts, my canvas.. I had been in the City of Nawabs, Hyderabad, for 2 years.. and the whole idea of my blogging and photography journey started taking shape while I was pursuing my MBA at IBS Hyderabad. These two years helped me to learn, grow and share my creativity to an extent that I have now developed a confidence to take it to another level. I am on my way to live my dream and for that, I feel there has been a lot of connect between Hyderabad, completion of my masters degree and the beginning of my new journey altogether. Since I have marked a launch to my Blog, I wanted to start  it with a post that would have a mix of all these elements intact. So I have chosen my first blog-post to be on Ugadi and I will be posting …