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    Made of money, weak in taste – About a life long lesson.

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    Share: [powr-hit-counter id=cd490d7d_1465107558934] Yesterday was one of those days which normally don’t come up my way. But having shown me the way to live the day, as worse as yesterday…I thank you God. I am glad I got to learn an awesome lesson which is much worthy and is beyond the disappointment I had to come across. Here I go with yesterday’s roller coaster… I was super excited to deliver a project for a client because this was a project that I had worked for days at stretch, day in and day out with all my heart plus some additional time had also gone into planning out the images well in advance so as to get the folio right, in an exact way as I had imagined. Having said that I respect the amount of time I spend on each of my deliverables. I make sure I reproduce the best …