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    New projects & a Give away !

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    Share: With the sunny side up, I would like to thank all the dear ones who blessed me to keep going ahead. I am lucky enough to seek all your blessings on the way 🙂 Thank you everybody… I have no words to describe how much your wishes mean to me. It was a day to remember and after a very long time, I could actually see myself sitting relaxed, smiling and embracing the moment .. just all of it as much as I could. Okay, actually there are some news that I want to be sharing with you all, through this post.. Last week I did two coffee-table books for my respective clients and though I shall take a separate post to share those images across, but the good news is this that I have now successfully tied up with the best digital print-service company of India for coffee-table-books and more. …

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    How to design a Photobook for your own label.

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    Share: Photobooks are in trend..  Taaadaaa ! And that’s what actually buzzed me to design one under my own label. This blogpost talks about the making of a photobook in my own experience 🙂 Hope it will help you too, if you are willing to create one for yourself. These days many websites such as zoomin.com, printbindaas.com, etc also offer ready to make photobook templates. And we also have the software ‘Lightroom 4’ which has an enabled option for making a photobook. However I had a bit different concept in mind which drove me on fire to create one afresh, for my clients. Assuming that you are comfortable working on the designing softwares, following are the things that you would need, to make your own photobook : 1. Photoshop / any other designing software installed in your laptop. 2.  Some basic idea of how you want your book to look like. 3. …