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    #Review: Shop till you sign out!

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    Happy Sunday to you! I hope this post finds you in the best of your health and “shopping spirit” 😉 ‘coz as promised, Ammu is here with her list of most amazing shopping websites to surf around! Are we ready?!

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    “Don’t Wish,” said Rain…

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    Share: Being soaked alone is cold. Being soaked with your best friend is an adventure. – Emily Wing Smith The refreshing monsoon time is here… It is that time of the year… where we can just feel those pitter patter rain drops falling on our faces and getting soaked up in our clothes.. The time… where we can just re memorize those beautiful childhood days, when we sailed our paper boats on the sides of the road.. And the time… where probably u can feel just nothing, but the BEST !! And add to this.. how else can we get a fantastic climate, as awesome as this … !!!? “I am certainly loving it” ! The click below was shot during the rain.. The view is of our home garden. Green being washed away all fresh and happy 🙂 The beautiful scenes that I witnessed can hardly be described but …

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    A colourful visit to Shilparamam

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    Share: (The photographs in this post are © Amrit Ammu Photography) This post is a follow up sequence of  the blog  “On the occasion of Ugadi” On this festive day, our college mess was also decorated with flowers and Rangoli and there was a joyous atmosphere around. To be a part of the celebrations at Shilparamam, I was travelling in bus with my friend and on the way, while travelling , I saw so many ladies and young girls dressed up in new clothes and warm smiles. Many of them also adorned Gajra on their hair. The whole city was in a festive mood. On reaching Shilparamam, I just went wow over and over again ! I must say, I was witnessing this kind of creativity after a very long time. And on seeing the whole of it and capturing it’s beauty in my camera, I was really overjoyed. Here are some pictures that …