A few photography competitions are in pipeline, just thought of sharing the info with all of you ūüôā These insights are from a collection of various magazines like IIPC, View Finder, Better Photography, etc¬†that I was scrolling through the past month. Happy Clickinggg everyone !!

For the month of July:

1. ECPA International Salon Digital
Categories : (Monochrome, Colour Print , Photo Travel, Nature)
Last Date for submission: 15/7/2013

2. South Devon Salon.
Categories:   (Open nature Online)
Last Date for submission 21/7/2013 –
Email : naphotoclub@gmail.com

3. South Devon Salon
Categories: Digital Open
Last Date for submission 20/7/2013

4. Landscape photography contest
Last Date for submission 31/7/2013

DSCN5341 copy

For the month of August: 

1. Northwest Salon
Categories : Monochrome Prints, Color Prints
Last Date for submission 6/8/2013
Email : Complexhibi@thefair.com

2. CPA Hongkong Salon
Categories : Color Print
Last Date for submission 16/8/2013
Email :  cpasalon@gmail.com

3. Cyprus Salon
Categories : Digital Open
Last Date for submission : 17/8/2013
Email : info@cps-iodpe.com.cy

4. Asian environmental Journalism Awards
Last Date for submission 4/8/2013

Now that’s a call for the busy upcoming months ! If you too got some useful info regarding photography and related field, feel free to share it away ūüôā¬†I would also like to invite you to my Facebook page¬†here. Let me also know if the info was useful to you…¬†Much eager to be back soon with more photo-blogs.

Live. Love. Laugh & Keep Smiling

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Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu