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    Email about mom and child photograhy to my father – Prof Kanwaljit Singh

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    Share: This email screenshot of me sending an email to my father in 2013 might melt your heart 🙂 This is the most valuable piece of inspiration for my everyday and this is the first time I had discussed about Amrit Ammu Photography with my father, Prof Kanwaljit Singh. Here is what I wrote to him in 2013 about my photography business plan:   Like every little girl my dad was my super hero and I always thought if he gonna like my idea and give it a go ahead, then I can turn every stone coming my way. That was the confidence I had in him and also because he was an ace photographer himself to give an expert opinion on my novice idea. So when I sent this business plan email to him during my last semester of MBA in Hyderabad, he literally kept quite till the last day of my …

  • Reasons to have professional photographs taken

    Reasons to have professional photographs taken

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    Share: Don’t you just love those old photographs of your parents and relatives? You remark how happy they look in the studio, in the outdoors, you gaze on their style of dressing and the makeup applied, you imagine their lives back then – before you. And how about the photographs from when you were a little toddler, crawling all over the place! Everybody likes to look at old photographs from time to time. It transports us to a time that we have only heard of from family members, or vaguely remember or read about. You will notice that family photo portraits and photographers were mostly taken by professionals in the field. It is no wonder that even after long spells of time, these photos have retained their smashing quality. The texture is amazing and the photos are worth saving, if taken by a professional photographer. Do you need more reasons …

  • Professional Photographers

    Professional Photographers in Mumbai

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    Share: These days it seems as if everyone with a DSLR camera can take a photograph and pop it on to Facebook. What follows is a procession of family and friends complimenting that person’s photographs, and suddenly they are a photographer. Why would you then pay a professional photographer to take portrait photos of yourself rather than rely on your friend and their camera? After all, their photographs looked great on their Facebook profile. There are many reasons why a Professional Photographers in Mumbai is a better option. When you commission a professional photographer, you are not just paying for the final product, the photographs. You are paying for their time – and not just the time they spend with you on the day, but the time they have invested in themselves to get to the level that they are. You are paying for their training, their equipment, their know-how, …

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    Remember, to remember..

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    Share: “15 commandments for photographers” – This should have been the headline for this post though 😉 but I believe, remembering is playing a more important factor. So the headline Remember, to remember seemed perfect to me here. And of course, the credits for this post goes to Better Photography. Hey Better Photography magazine.. Thankyou for being so so awesome. Thumbs up ! Okay, so are you a photographer or inspiring to be one ?.. Then these are some must-do rules or commandments that you gotta follow along your journey, on which I am your buddy passenger too 🙂  So here we go …… Tantaanaaaa… 1. You shall familiarise yourself with your gear 2. You shall not shoot in auto 3. You shall not covet your neighbour’s equipment 4. You shall not leave home without your camera 5. You shall shoot everyday 6. You shall not steal ideas 7. You shall …

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    Photography Contests, July-August

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    Share: A few photography competitions are in pipeline, just thought of sharing the info with all of you 🙂 These insights are from a collection of various magazines like IIPC, View Finder, Better Photography, etc that I was scrolling through the past month. Happy Clickinggg everyone !! For the month of July: 1. ECPA International Salon Digital Categories : (Monochrome, Colour Print , Photo Travel, Nature) Last Date for submission: 15/7/2013 2. South Devon Salon. Categories:   (Open nature Online) Last Date for submission 21/7/2013 – Email : naphotoclub@gmail.com 3. South Devon Salon Categories: Digital Open Last Date for submission 20/7/2013 4. Landscape photography contest Last Date for submission 31/7/2013 For the month of August:  1. Northwest Salon Categories : Monochrome Prints, Color Prints Last Date for submission 6/8/2013 Email : Complexhibi@thefair.com 2. CPA Hongkong Salon Categories : Color Print Last Date for submission 16/8/2013 Email :  cpasalon@gmail.com 3. Cyprus Salon Categories : Digital Open Last Date for submission : 17/8/2013 Email : info@cps-iodpe.com.cy …

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    The First Ever Photographs

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    Share: Here we go with yet another interesting photography assignment.  🙂 “Before you create, you must appreciate” I was a little flown away on reading the above quote and am really touched by the  authenticity behind it. This quote seems beyond words and beyond time. And this quote in a way, is the soul inspiration behind the assignment that I thought to be worth sharing up here. It lead me to dive a long way back in the past, to find out how photography has evolved over years. How did the first photograph ever look like? And how much difference there exists, if we compare the world’s first photograph with the one that we click today ! Miracles surround this amazing world of photography that today we all are fascinated with, in some way or the other. (Find the web-links for same at the bottom of this post)  I spent a …

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    Listened to the sound of picture yet ?

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    Share: Pictures we take with our camera don’t talk, but every time we press the camera shutter, it makes a remarkable sound ! Listened to it carefully yet? O yea, the sound has it all.. The lesson number 1 from the book I mentioned in the previous post speaks out loud about that. They say, for making a picture count, the first thing that we should get right in the frame should be the focus. And to get this first thing right, the sound coming with every click of our camera is enough to tell.  Oh yes, all of us must have heard its sound before, but did we hear it that well ?.. So that was it.. my most interesting task of the day ! I just sat with my camera, pressed the shutter multiple times and enjoyed listening to its awesome sound. Aaaye, So refreshing it feels every time!  Tichkk.. Tichhkk ! Whenever the …

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    “Crash course to become a Better Photographer in 91 Days.”

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    Share: “Which of my photographs is my favourite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow” – Imogen Cunningham Better Photography magazine’s March issue had an amazing supplement with it titled – “Crash course to become a Better Photographer in 91 Days.” It encouraged me to take up self-assignments which I shall be sharing up here as well. I must say the cute pocket book has given me a fantastic guide on the way, while I was looking forward to learn more and dig deeper into Digital Photography. Starting tomorrow, I shall be randomly blogging about the updates from same  🙂 The Blogs will be categorized under the name “Photography Assignments.” In case you share the same passion, I would recommend you too to go through the assignments from this great pocket book. 🙂 Let’s learn and share together.. Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling. Yours Lovingly, Amrit Ammu.